Direct game.

You walk up to a woman, tell her she has sexy legs, and ask to go and do something fun immediately.

Indirect game.

You pretend to ask for directions, to some shop, for example, and you keep her talking. Eventually you try to open the conversation and you ask where she got the bracelet she is wearing.

Direct game is much more straightforward and takes more courage. You can score a lot of points for being so direct. You also risk that you make her feel like a piece of meat.

Indirect game is more subtle. You may come across as phony and a coward, because women are highly sensitive and will know you’re just looking for a lame excuse to talk to her. You will feel less rejected doing this. With direct game she can blow you off instantly, whereas with indirect game almost any woman will respond initially. However, when you do direct game right she will be so impressed by your action that she will also want to give you some of her time to listen what more you have to say. Who doesn’t like to hear that he or she is sexy?

Bottom line: with direct game you do not hide that your intention is sexual in nature. With indirect game you hide this and you come up with some excuse to get an interaction going. If done right you may more easily end up having a casual conversation with her, but you won’t be scoring any points when it becomes clear that you have something else in mind and didn’t have the guts to just make it clear.

Very imporant: no matter what you think is the best way to approach, any kind of approach is always better than NOT approaching.

Want a girlfriend?

Approach, approach, approach!