Meaning: Seducing a woman superfast.

You’ll need to be super balsy to pull this off. You’ll also have to be a master at reading women. It’s key to know when to stop and when to continue. It’s also important to be highly self-confident. You’ll have to show you respect her, and at the same time you will have to make her feel intensely desired, immediately.

How does it work?

Walk up to her, ask her name, take her by her hand. Hold it and maintain eye contact for far longer than you normally would. Liam McRae calls these eyes ‘hellfire eyes’.

Take her for a walk, still holding hands.

Whisper in her ear.

Gently stroke her cheek.

Tell her a hot compliment, one that you mean. She’ll feel it if you’re being phony, it will turn her off. She wants to feel you desire her.

Don’t use any logical arguments to get a kiss. Logical arguments kill a woman’s desire faster than a grenate can kill a litter of puppies.

The funny thing about women and attraction is that the longer it takes you to make a move, the more time she has to get rational about the whole thing. As soon as you’re kissing her, she goes: ‘I’m kissing this dude, there must be something about this guy that I like’.

Attraction in women defies logic. It’s all about feelings. So don’t talk too much.

A lot of guys try to sell themselves to women like they are a door to door salesman selling a vacuum cleaner.

This gets you nowhere with women. They might appreciate that you show an interest, and they’ll almost always be sweet and polite about it, but they’ll reject you.

Women have this playbook running in their head that attractions ‘just happens’ .

They run around trying to look as attractive as possible and one day it ‘just happens.’ They bump into someone and there’s chemistry, and it has to be spontaneous.

Well, it doesn’t work that way. If you want to get a girlfriend or girlfriends plural, as a guy, you’ll have to plan ahead, and women will think of this as being ‘manipulative’. But learning about seduction it’s just as manipulative as a woman putting on lipstick in the morning.

Unless you are the king of the social hierarchy in a big social circle, when women will go out of their way to throw themselves at your feet, you will have to prepare and you’ll have to practice.

Unless you want to wait around for 10 to 15 years and get married to the first woman who happens to show an interest in you. You don’t want to be that guy. You want to get to choose which women you date.

Important note: rapid escalation is not about violating a women’s personal boundaries. It’s about understanding that most women are hungry for physical contact and intimacy with a guy who has no problem showing what he wants, is genuinely attracted to her, and is willing to LEAD her through the seduction process, while being very attuned to the signals she’ll send out.

If done right, you allow her to be super feminine, which she will love.