• First of all, I’m Belgian in Slovakia, I moved to Slovakia, because it seemed to be a place nobody knew anything about in my home country, because I enjoy learning new languages, and because a good friend of mine had moved here. I’m married to a wonderful Slovak woman now, got an apartment, a job, etc, speak Slovak, got a publishing house (Donkichod) that publishes books in Slovak, etc, so that’s why I stay, but on the whole, I must say, I don’t see any reason why anyone -especially from a western country- would want to move here. Me and Slovakia are not a good mix. Perhaps you are different and you will like it better here.
  • I swear that in 33 percent of conversations the word ‘priest’ will be used.
  • People around here have the illusion that everything is cheaper, but lots of things are the same price as in Belgium, and a lot of products turn out to be a bit more expensive. Services are cheaper, products tend to be not so cheap. Wages are low, because people around here don’t have strong unions. It’s slowly changing because there is very little unemployment in the west and employers want to hire Ukrainians who are still willing to work for peanuts. I have this information from a person at Manpower in a high level position.
  • People are closed minded
  • People know very little about the world outside of Slovakia
  • Most Slovaks are just about their job, family, often the Church and their next holiday and drinking a lot of beer in between, you can forget about interesting conversations
  • Slovaks hate their own capital, so if you live in Bratislava you are surrounded by people who prepare the weekend exodus during the week and don’t really want to be here, they’re just here because the jobs are here, but they hate being in Bratislava, this has a negative impact on the atmosphere in the city
  • people are very traditional
  • don’t move here if you’re gay
  • don’t move here if you don’t like hiking in the mountains, Slovaks love to run to the mountains during weekends
  • don’t move here if you care about politics
  • don’t move here if you get irritated by corruption, since Slovakia is the second most corrupt country in Europe
  • quite a few foreigners find it very tricky to learn Slovak (I studied Russian and Slovene at university in Belgium, so Slovak wasn’t that hard to learn for me, but I still can’t write it without mistakes, and I’ve been here for a year and a half)
  • don’t move here if the sight of full churches on Sundays gives you the creeps
  • don’t move here if you like extraverted people who you can easily become friends with and do something else with than drink beer
  • don’t move here

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