The man responsible for having your kitchen look exactly like my kitchen and my aunt’s kitchen and your cousin’s kitchen has died at the ripe age of 91. Here are:

5 facts about the man who founded IKEA

1. Ingvar Kamprad was extremely frugal, insisting on buying only second-hand clothes and shopping at flea markets.

2. Kamprad’s thrifty nature also extended to transport. He drove an old Volvo for many years, flew economy class for longer distances, and refused to waste money on taxis, using public transport instead.

3. IKEA’s iconic – and to non-Swedes unpronouncable – product names were devised in response to Kamprad’s dyslexia. The entrepreneur found it difficult to work with product codes, so instead the company developed names for every single product.

4. The furniture company has grown to a billion-dollar industry giant, but was started by Kamprad when he just 17 years old. The store’s name is an acronym of its founder’s name and hometown: Ingvar Kamprad from Elmtaryd, Agunnaryd.

5. Rather than pay Sweden’s high taxes, according to Forbes, the businessman moved to Switzerland in 1976 but returned to his homeland some 40 years later after tax reforms introduced lower rates.  (source:

May he RIP in a poplar wood köffinerett with a nice vintage hädstönernnn nämeplatternnn and go to häevenern and sell Odin a new table in Walhalla.