corporate magazines still suck
Look at Kurt’s pants. That was the real deal. Until they became the best thing since the Beatles, they didn’t have any money, they did what they did for the love of it.

So please, if you have a corporate job or some other job you’re half-assing and you bought ripped jeans, please know that we thank you for giving away what a fashion enslaved sheep you are. Thank you.

The photographer who made this cover specifically asked the band members of Nirvana NOT to wear any T-shirts with any writing on.

When the band kinda rolls out of their little van on the day of the shoot, Kurt is not only wearing a T-shirt with writing on it, it also reads: ‘Corporate magazines still stuck’

He hated the mainstream music industry, and when interviewed on television he used to wear T-shirt promoting obscure bands such as Flipper or REALLY experimental singer-song writers such as Daniel Johnston.

You can listen to an example here:

Kurt Cobain was a sweet man who put towels in the back of his suicide scene so he wouldn’t leave too much mess. (ironically most of the blood seems to have landed in front of him and not behind him).

But being a human being, he could also be vicious and greedy. When Nirvana got really succesful he all of a sudden wanted to divide the earnings differently and the other band members had to give back some of the money they had got previously.

It’s also not unlikely that he felt very safe promoting bands that he knew would never have a chance pushing his own band out of the charts.

Anyway, at least he was rebellious in a funny, passive-agressive way, not being much of an extravert he could only vent his aggression through his music and these passive-aggressive stabs at everything he loathed.

We’re all selfish weasles in the end, but some people are just cooler.

PS I hereby wish to apologize to weasles for the insult of comparing them to humans. Weasles are cute.


PPS Try to be sort of nice to people you meet today, within reason of course, because, you know, they are human, you give ’em a finger and they’ll take an arm

PPPS Here you can hear the photographer tell the cool anecdote