In this movie you watch a bunch of pretty people agonize over today’s people worst possible temptation: to cheat or not to cheat?

By ‘cheat’ we mean ‘copulate with someone else than you’re regular copulating partner without the consent of that aformentioned regular copulating partner which for various petty reasons often leads to a whole lot of drama’

You get to see a couple in an advanced stage of togetherness, that point of no return when too much intimacy has killed the sexual attraction.

Relationships start out like a bottle of vodka mixed with coffee and maybe even a drop of something more thrilling, more illegal and they gradually develop into a cup of hot milk with honey. And if you’re very unlucky and unskilled at communication or outright mean-spirited, a pond of brackish water just deep enough to drown one’s self in.

It’s something in between those stages we witness in this movie.

And then temptation lurks on the horizon.

He’s attracted to someone. She’s attracted to someone.

Will they commit the crime of all crimes (really, talk to people, they are never more outraged then when they’re discussing a case of infidelity, not 100,000 starving Yemeni babies could ever deserve the same outrage) or will they stay faithful and quaff, o quaff, the cup with hot milk and honey?

We’re not going to spoil it for you, so you will have to see for yourself, that is, if you want to devote about 2 hours of your time to watch yet an other story about potential infidelity.

The best parts?

  • One guy explains how the best days with someone is when that person is fresh, when the connection is new, when you haven’t fucked the shit out of each other yet and you still SEE that person. No, you don’t have the intimacy at that point, but you do have a drug cocktail washing your brain that no legal or illegal substance can match
  • Highly erotic is the part where Keira (and we’re not even a fan of her at all) gets ready for her date. It’s amazing to see a woman go through all the steps to look better than a million dollars.

Note: while this movie was made about this o so incredibly important theme, people were locked up in cells in Libya and had to force their anus over a broom stick attached to the wall of the cell until the guard saw blood running down their ass, and only then, did they get any food.

It somehow feels a little dirty to spend time watching a movie like this and even writing a blog post about it when there’s so much suffering going on in the world that we are NOT powerless to stop, if we really wanted to stop it.

But then again, who would want to read about real people having to poke holes in their rectum in order to get food? That would just be depressing, right?

So if you want to get a taste of the nightmare of all nightmares, infidelity, watch it.

This movie comes with a huge advantage. Posting pictures of your food on instagram while you’re watching the movie will not make you miss the plot nor the character development. There is almost none.