It’s women who select mates. Men offer themselves to them, but it’s the women who decide, yes or no. It’s a competitive business in which women only want to mate with the more attractive men. On dating sites women rate more than 80 percent of the men as below average in attractiveness (see 12 rules for life, by Jordan B. Peterson for this statistic). This means that most men are really not that attractive to women.

If there would be no such thing as society the top 15 percent of men would get all the women.

This is why ugly, unattractive men, or losers, or the majority of men (when it comes to sexual attractiveness) can count their lucky stars that there’s such a thing as culturally enforced monogamy, a game that women are all too happy to play along with, even though it means that they will end up mating with less attractive males than they normally would.

If nature had it’s way all women would have children with the most attractive males, and most males would die childless. You can imagine that this would be a good thing, at least from a purely genetic point of view. The losers would be weeded out.

Now, thanks, to the culturally enforced monogamy, every unattractive chump has a good chance to find a female who’ll want to forget that he’s not attractive on the condition that he at least takes care of her children and offers security and stability.

In nature the danger would be that the 80-85 percent of ugly males who would not get the women, would gang up against the minority of males that get all the women.

The Matthew principle applies in so many domains

He who has a lot shall be given more, and he who has little shall lose even that.

As with the economy, where more money goes to the one who already have a lot of money, or opportunities going to the people who already have a lot of opportunities, the same goes for male sexual attractiveness. Nothing will make a man more attractive in a woman’s eyes than proof that he’s attractive to other women. If three women chirp like little bird around a man’s neck at a party, ALL women at that party will want that man to give attention to HER. The more women are attracted to a man, the more women get to be attracted to him. People are above all machines that want the best for their genetic material. We are all douchebags and predators that want to pass on our selfish genes at the expense of everyone else. Although we do have altruistic tendencies as well, to safeguard the entire genetic pool as well, in times of trouble.

To be clear: male attractiveness is of course not equal to a man’s looks at all. Whereas men usually rate a woman’s attractiveness mostly based on her looks, women rate male attractiveness based on his perceived (it’s usually just perception) position in the social pecking order, which they mostly guess (and they often guess badly) based on his body language, height, clothes, voice, and how people react to him.

And one way to deal with this conflict: security and societal stability versus getting the good genes, is of course to have a relationship with a man low in the pecking order and get pregnant from fucking your boss at the office or some other guy higher up on the pecking order.

Thank you for reading this episode in the history of the most pernicious (what a beautifully accurate word here) race the earth has ever seen.