It keeps surprising me, that no matter how much shit I see and hear and occasionally experience myself in life, that it still surprises me every time someone is malignant.

I’m still surprised

  • by how much of a coward someone can be, man or woman
  • how much someone can heap blame on someone else for his or her own mistakes
  • how people can smile to your face and give causing your downfall their best shot behind their back
  • how people are always screaming they are the victim, but never the prepetrator
  • how some people become more and more vicious and exploitative the friendlier you treat them
  • how few people truly commit to a goal they pretend to have
  • how little effort people are willing to make to learn something new
  • what kind of incredibly silly, boring work people are willing to do as long as you can trick them into believing they are getting a decent salary for it
  • how people can be so incredibly stingy
  • how rude civil servants can be when you politely and respectfully ask them to do what they are paid for with your tax money
  • how rare generosity is. I grew up in a very generous family, so I do not understand stinginess, I grew up feeling generosity was a common human trait, well, it isn’t of course, it’s an exceptional trait
  • how people can start hating you for doing them favors, because they hate assuming that they owe you now, they can’t get into their petty heads that some people are just kind for the sake of being kind
  • it keeps saddening me that nice people have to wear a thick armor and protect themselves against their own giving nature, just to get through the day and not be torn apart by the ravenous jackals
  • and in the end it still surprises me, still puzzles me, how, no matter what happens, in the end I fail to be completely bitter.  How in the end if someone respectfully asks for my help, I will help, but no longer if it damages my own situation. You have to keep your own tea kettle filled if you are supposed to pour others a cup of tea as well.
  • I keep seeing the good in people, even if some peope really are malignant, conniving, backstabbing, ungrateful rotten eggs. I have to daily teach myself to remove these people from my environment, meticulously and without blinking and to give them a slice of their own poisonous cake, just so they get a taste of their own recipe. It’s an act of cowardice and an act of violence on the weak, if you do not counter evil where you see it. Some people only learn to consider the needs and boundaries of others if you wipe their face through their own stinking, putrid pile of runny shit. Assertive people who care about others are doing everyone a favor when they squeeze out negative people like the nasty zits that they are. To allow injustice in your environment is a betrayal of all the good people in this world, who are still the majority.
  • Nemo me impune lacessit.