I’m Belgian myself, but have good friends in all three. I live in Slovakia, but, if my circumstances would be different, I would




The Netherlands.

  • excellent salaries
  • extremely well organised country in every way
  • friendliest population of all three, by far
  • huge chance that you get to go to work by bike, see what Peter Sagan says:
  • sagan cycling
  • open-minded people
  • beautiful cities
  • you can go to the Belgian coast, as many Dutch people do
  • if you don’t speak Dutch: everybody speaks English
  • in Belgium you would probably need to learn French (my Slovak wife speaks 5 languages but couldn’t find a decent job in Belgium, because she doesn’t speak French)
  • Better press, better media and better literature than Belgium (ok, not better than Germany in this case)
  • great policies on many ‘controversial’ issues such as cannabis, euthanasia, etc
  • people are easiest to talk to, far easier than Belgians and a bit easier than Germans

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