1. The UN called Yemen one of the worst places on earth to be a child

Millions are in need of food. Saudi-Arabia who is bombing the shit out of Yemen buys its weapons mainly from the US and the UK. If Saudi-Arabia would do anything that the US and the UK do not like, it would of course invade Saudi-Arabia over human rights violations, but now both countries really don’t care.

Geert Cappelaere is with the UN Children’s Fund,or UNICEF. He says Yemen is one of the worst places on Earth to be a child. He is urging all sides involved in the conflict to not block the shipment of humanitarian aid.

Cappelaere is UNICEF’s Middle East director. He said that more than 11 million Yemeni children are in need of humanitarian assistance. He said that number includes almost every single boy and girl in the country. He estimated that every 10 minutes, a Yemeni child is dying from a preventable disease.

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2. Israel is quite happy about ISIS

Israel sees the lovers of the sharia, decapitation, oppression of women, destruction of world heritage sites, etc as useful guys to annoy Iran. It’s what you would expect from Israel, a country that likes to claim it’s the only democracy in the middle east…

Check the story here.

If you want to understand why Iran is NOT the bad guy in the region, and how the US and the UK have made it into what it is today, check out this book.

Or this lecture by Michael Lüders.

3. In Libya male rape is a commonly used instrument of war

They take a broom and fix it on the wall. If you want to eat, you have to take off your pants, back on to the broom and not move off until the jailer sees blood flowing. Nobody can escape it.

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Remember that time Harry went partying in a nazi uniform? I know, everybody makes mistakes, but since we’re all reminded about our mistakes often enough, I think it’s fair to share a major gaffe by a person who feeds off UK tax payers and an enormous family estate he never worked for. Meghan Markle likes to do humanitarian work, well, let’s hope she uses the attention she gets to talk about weapon deliveries from the UK to Saudi-Arabia and other destablizing acts on the part of the UK.