A newspaper writes:

‘Forget sensitive, cultured and kind – “muscles and money” are still what many people deem most attractive, a study has found.

Academics at Coventry and Aberystwyth University analysed data from the TubeCrush website, on which commuters upload covertly-taken photographs of attractive men on the London Underground.

Visitors to the site can then rate the images, either with an indicative thumbs up or a “cute but not my type” thumbs down.

There was a distinct lack of diversity in the entries, with scientists noting that the majority of men on TubeCrush were white, despite London’s multi-cultural population.

They also found that the photos placed an emphasis on muscular body parts, suggesting that many deem physical strength a particularly attractive quality.

Finally, they noticed that the images tended to focus on and celebrate symbols of wealth, such as high-end phones, expensive-looking suits and smart watches.’


Women are triggered by social status. This is one reason why men try to get on top of the dominance hiearchy because women are much more open to men with lots of social status. The article puts the emphasis on money, but it’s just a symptom of a larger dynamic. It’s social influence that’s attractive to women. Not so much money. In the past hooking up with a man who had influence in the tribe, was a guarantee that she and her offspring would be safe and get to eat.

This also explains why most of the pictures feature white men. Not because white men are more physically attractive than black men, but because white men still have more social influence than black men, which has its roots in history and exploitation of African countries by Europeans, there is of course no real difference between black or white men, it’s just cultural perception. If more black people would be associated with power positions in society, this would shift.

The muscles are a nice bonus.


Some remarks though…


How many high quality women do you know who would ever stoop to uploading pictures of men they took on the tube to a website where others can rate them? Who has time for this?

The women may also have posted pictures that they thought other women would like without actually liking them themselves. So this could just be a dynamic that confirms stereotypes, without really uncovering what women find attractive. How many women would upload a picture of a guy that they are attracted to, but who clearly deviates from the norm. What are the real motivations to upload those pictures?


And women may be drawn to status and muscles, but if you turn out to be an uncommunicative, selfish asshole and a lousy lover, it won’t be long before she leaves you.


So ok, women are triggered by and drawn to status, and to a lesser degree also to muscles, but it’s just that. It gets you a foot in the door, she might be a bit more open to getting to know you, but it requires way more to capture her heart.