Friends get together for a dinner party. One has a bright idea to spice things up. All phones on the table and everybody gets to read and hear every message that any of them receive.

If you don’t want to play you must have something to hide.

It’s a very sexy movie, precisely because you will see no steamy sex scene, all the sexual tension is hiding in the shadows. But boy, it gets hot in those shadows.

The setting is all too familiar.

And I think what happens would happen to lots of groups of friends if they were to play this game.

We can’t be fully free out in the open, so we have our secrets, a double life, maybe even a triple life.

For a time my wife, extremely curious by nature, had access to all my devices, all accounts, she had the passwords to everything. After a while she said it wasn’t good for her, she didn’t need to know everything. What was the point? The more information she had the more it made her mind race. It just let to a lot of confusion and misintepretations.

I don’t care who she smsses and emails and calls with. Not even when I can tell by the tone of her voice that she’s calling with a call she’s attracted to. I just think it’s funny. They guy doesn’t understand and asks if I would be ok with it if she goes on some kind of road trip with him and some other guys. By all means, go. I didn’t buy her. She’s not my personal possession that I can tell what to do and what not to do. I was possessive once and it destroys everything

Anyway, watch the movie if you like. Maybe it will help you accept that everyone you know is hiding something and that’s ok. You don’t have to know where electricity comes from to lifht up your room and you don’t need to know every little detail about your friend or partner to be happy with them. Knowing everything about someone is an overrated experience, and what a predictable person it must be if you can truly know everything about him/her. Rejoice in the fact that there’s a layer you haven’t penetrated. It’s that bit of unfamiliarity that keeps the excitement going. Sometimes it’s really better to not stir some sleeping dogs.