The articles on this site are written rush rush in breaks. Especially the layout and the research suffers because we don’t have much time. Still, this year we have already 10 more traffic than in all previous six years.

If building this blog would be our full-time job, and not something we come up with in between making ends meet, we could go out more and interview people, we are in an area with three European capitals at our doorstep, lots of interesting people can be found, there are so many fascinating issues in Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and Hungary that go underreported in the mainstream media, but we need the time to do it. We could finally do pieces that require more research, we could also hire someone to do the layout, in short: the quality would go up.

We have done the math, and all we need is:

10 different people per day, willing to treat us to a cup of coffee, and donate 2 euro or 2.5 dollars only once. That would give us 600 euro a month, which is a salary you can survive on here in Slovakia. That’s one formula that would work, but then we need 3650 people a year to wire us 2 euro. 2 euro is peanuts, but still, would people be willing to treat us to a cup of coffee after reading our present content?

An other formula that would work, would be to find 300 people who would be willing to do more than wire us 2 euro one time, and to commit to donating 2 euro per month. Or 24 euro per year.

As you can see we turn out article after article, even when we don’t have that much time. Imagine what we could come up with if this website would be all we had to worry about, fincancially speaking.

So, is this a crazy plan, or do you think we can find people to do micro-donations? Tell us in the comments below.