Yes, they do.

Here are some examples of what my therapist says:

‘You give so much of your power away to women’

‘You have to find what kind of need those women represent and find it inside so you’re dependent on those women’

‘You lack a systematic approach’

‘You need to build a clear daily routine’

‘Get a personal trainer, I’m sure you’ll find the money for it’

‘It’s not about sex with many different partners, I think the key is to find great sex’

‘I think you know how to market your writing output’ (I do not)

‘I would really like to see you as a psychotherapist, that’s what you are’

‘I can’t believe you would really want to write for Goebbels’ propaganda machine. With your values’ (I would almost accept any Faustian pact if I can get paid decently for writing, but perhaps my therapist is right and I would turn down an offer from Goebbels)

‘You really need to go running’

‘You have to find a mentor to help you finish books and to prioritize what to write about and where to publish it’

‘You have lists and lists with opportunities you spot, but then immediately you also have an excuse as to why something can’t be done’

‘You have so many different voices, I think we need to give them all a spot, since some are repressed and struggling to get out’

‘What is it that you need?’

‘Ok, your education hasn’t paid off financially. Not yet…’

‘You say it’s easy to be funny, but I think you’re only saying that because being funny comes naturally to you’

‘It’s good to take a realistic look at one’s self and destroy illusions, but it’s something else to reject everything you have going for you’

‘You seem to not have any relationships that are truly two way traffic’

‘Ok, maybe no horrid stuff was done to you personally, but there’s also such a thing as secondary trauma, also known as vicarious trauma or compassion fatigue’

A good therapist doesn’t just sit there and listen, she also breaks through your patterns and comments on them, but with your best interest in mind.

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