• men, but mostly other women come up to you and say you have such a beautiful wife, I even get emails from women saying how beautiful she is (happened again yesterday)
  • when you’re down, you go: but wait, if this is my wife, I must be doing something right
  • if you’re in stress you just hug her and you calm down a lot, and fast
  • men stare at her everywhere you go, gives her the creeps, doesn’t really bother me, it’s like an endorsement, like: boy, this punk must have at least something going for him
  • I don’t know, other women are suddenly much more friendly to you, if they have met your wife (not sure why that is…)
  • some sleazy men try to stay in touch with you to try and get in touch with her (doesn’t work, it creeps her out)
  • possibly unrelated: she’s almost always in a good mood…