He’s surprisingly famous. And he’s absurdly active. He tours and tours and speaks to audiences all over the world. In October he will even do his marathon lectures here in still relatively obscure Slovakia. Some insist the man should be in treatment or locked up in an insane asylum. Why? Well, for starters because he is convinced that many heads of state, presidents, kings, media moguls, etc are… huge shapeshifting reptilians… giant lizards who come from a different dimension. Why can he attract big audiences and sell tons of books with such an outlandish claim?

David Icke started out as a sports commentator on television in the UK. Then all of a sudden he states in an interview that he hears voices. He says there was always a presence in the room with him and that eventually he got tired of this and wanted to know what the presence wanted to say. This is when his bizarre claims started.

At first he was ridiculed, but perhaps because he sounds so sincere about everything he says, and perhaps because his claims are metaphorically true – we will come to that- even if they are factually ludicrous, he gathered a huge fan base and more and more people are discovering him through YouTube and his website. His website attracts 250,000 visitors a month. Newspapers have labelled him as ‘too deliciously weird’ to suppress.

Of course, he doesn’t offer a shred of evidence that when the Queen of England returns home she lays down her human disguise and becomes a huge reptile. You wonder why he hasn’t been shut down and thrown in jail for coming up with this stuff and propagating it all over the world. Especially because he doesn’t stop there.

Our rulers are not only reptillians or at least under the control of those reptillians they are also pedophiles who rape, sacrifice and feed off the energy of children. He claims among many other things that the Brittish royals sacrificed princess Diana in a twisted symbol laden ritual. That’s why she had to die in that particular tunnel in Paris, that’s why her car had to crash into the 13th pillar. Not only are the elite made up of reptillians, they are also strangely obsessed with symbols and blood lines. That’s why they needed innocent Diana. The reptillian genes were becoming less and less human and they needed a boost. So they picked Diana. Also because she is from the House of Spencer.

All this is important because one of his other claims is that there are bloodlines going all the way back to ancient Turkey, which through Troy, spread to Rome, Paris (according to him named after prince Paris from the Troy legend) and the rest of the world. Basically: today’s rulers are blood relatives of the world’s rulers thousands of years ago. No matter what has happened the same tiny clique of people has controlled the world. Since many people he names are jewish, this brings him under fire from people who claim he is an anti-semite and that his reptilian story is just a way to demonize the jewish people. He emphatically denies this and says that he loves the jewish people and that he condemns zionism and lots of real jews do. Zionism is a part of the reptillian agenda, according to him.

Why are we still talking about this man?, you are asking. 

Because on the one hand he weaves hours and hours of theories together, full with symbolism and wild claims, but on the other hand he’s actually a good commentator on many things that are happening in the world. He exposes former president Obama as somebody who appeared to be different but just pushed the same agenda as the presidents before him and the president after him. He has interesting things to say on the Syrian conflict, on the situation with North-Korea, on Nato, Russia, etc. He’s surprisingly prolific and reacts fast to new developments. He seems to be a one man foreign, geo-political news agency at times. His credibility in that area makes some wonder if he can perhaps also be trusted in regard to his other claims.

He paints a picture of the future that is Orwellian in nature. He points out that there is a clear trend going on in which we surrender our freedom in return for security.  In the future, he claims, we will have chips in our minds that will not only influence the way we think, this will also be our payment mechanism. If the government wants to shut you down, they just cut you off and you can’t buy anything anymore. The global -giant lizard??- elite wants to control everyone and herd us like cattle. They also want to reduce the global population to a maximum of 500,000. They will spread cancer, through destroying the nutritional value of our food, as one means of accomplishing this. I supppose this resonates with lots of people who are deeply concerned about negative, scary trends in society.

You could say that David Icke is ‘metaphorically correct’. Are our rulers reptillians? There is absolutely no proof to even hint at this… Are they psychopaths who exploit us for their own personal gain? Yes, if we look at many of our business, military and political leaders, the all imperative profit logic does result in a ruling class you could label as psychopaths. The dominant trend is that profit matters above all else, not people, people are to be expended to gain more profit. We are even let to believe that profit ultimately benefits everyone. Trickle down economics. Which is just a fancy term for ‘greed is good’. 

Is David Icke insane? 

He seems overly prone to connect all sorts of bits of information into a greater whole wihout their seeming to be a any proven connection. It’s a long way from Troy to claiming the elite is one big pedophilia ring and that the moon as we know it doesn’t exist. In David Icke’s world everything is connected to everything else. His admitting that he hears voices seems to point in the direction of schizophrenia. Also his truly endless monologues in which he never even seems to pause to breathe seem a bit like a symptom of schizophrenia. Have you ever seen a homeless person standing on a corner droning on and on about something regardless if anyone is listening or not? Well, David Icke seems very similar. He’s also incredibly unfazed when people criticize him. He just continues and shrugs it off. So is the man ‘insane’? Well, schizophrenic or not, I don’t think he’s the only one holding ‘crazy’ beliefs. The difference is that he is just infinitely better at voicing his bizarre beliefs.

Is David Icke dangerous or violent? 

In Jon Ronson’s documentary on David Icke we meet a group that opposes him. These people believe themselves to be the sane ones who oppose David Icke’s anti- semitism as they see it. Unfortunately it’s they who come across as the bigger fools… Instead of having a proper discussion with the man these arrogant, condescending ‘activists’ go to one of his book signing events to…. 

throw a pie at him. How very mature. They are also cowards, because they are afraid his fans will attack him. Not only are they cowards they are also total amateurs. The pie misses its targets and smashes into the children’s book section. Waw, they have really scored a huge hit against the conspiracy theorists…

After watching quite a few of David Icke’s videos, I would say that: 

– he points out things that academics such as Noam Chomsky or Richard Wolff also point out, just as credible non- academics such as Peter Joseph (see his book ‘the new human rights movement’), but he mixes this with his bizarre claims that are utterly devoid of any sort of proof…

– he does believe all that he says and has a genuine drive to get his message out there, he seems to be truly indefatiguable in this

– he seems like a nice man, to be honest…

– he’s not a coward like the pie throwing hitmen and doesn’t go any discussion out of the way, he stands up for what he believes in

– I totally support the idea that he is allowed to say most of what he says, though it’s a bit odd that the people he accuses of being shape shifting reptillians don’t drag him through a string of courts… I mean nobody likes to be called a pedophile reptilian…

– crazy as it may be, I think his narrative adds to our philosophising about our world, our media, our elite, our political system, our history our purpose -or lack thereof- as a species

I don’t believe for one second that our elite is made up of reptillians who suck the energy out of the masses. 

Do I believe that this is ‘metaphorically true’? Yes, I do. This is the same message as the Occupy movement. The one percent controls everything.

According to activist Peter Joseph 86 percent of all stocks are owned by 1 percent of the population. To see that 1 percent as a lizard class that is sucking the blood out of us is, is an emotional image that resonates with lots of people.

I can’t tell you why David Icke believes in actual lizards…. Schizophrenia? Genius gone wild? (He’s obviously an intelligent man) A briliant marketing gimmick?

What about his impact on the fight against the enormous wealth gap, the clash between the one percent ( it’s actually even less than 1 percent) and the rest of us? 

Well, he’s certainly more entertaining than most critics of our current political, economic system, but does he have any positive impact? Does what he preach actually change something for the better?

Probably not, I see him as something like a scifi movie that paints a ‘deliciously weird’ picture of our future and does expose the elite’s agenda here and there…

Maybe his fans will eventually orbit to much more factual critics of our current global situation…

In the end he’s a symptom of this:

if it’s not entertaining, we don’t care.

It’s the same disease that got Donald Trump elected: entertainment value trumps everything.