I have this weird, fairly useless tendency that fucks up my every day functioning. I mean, I ought to be walking over to the post office right about now, but instead I worry. I worry about the state of the world and the elite’s little games and the bias of the mainstream media that so few people seem to pick up on.

I know that it doesn’t matter in the long run. We’ll be sucked into a black hole one day that will dwarf anything the Kardashians have ever produced in the hole compartment, making all human activity seemingly pointless, but I worry. I worry because even though all things must past and there seems to be no clear purpose to human existence except to reproduce our genetic material, I feel am here to reduce human suffering as much as possible. And there’s plenty of human suffering. So I worry. About lots of trends in our socio-economic paradigm in which wars play such an important role to keep profit flowing to the moneyed classes.

But do I worry North-Korea is going to nuke any of its neighbouring countries? No, I don’t really worry about that. Because it’s not going to happen.

What I worry about is how the US uses this North-Korean menace to do what it does best:

Create fear so that the world will buy sophisticated armements, preferably from companies linked to the US. Because the military industrial complex is the backbone of the US nation.

Now that people are crapping their pants having visions about the pudgy North-Korean weirdo nuking them, they will invest in weapon systems. Japan -that’s been sort of pacifist since they totally fucked up their adventure in World War II- will be loading up on guns. South-Korea will do the same. The US will keep spending tax dollars on weapons, and spend more than the next ten biggest spenders combined… (Think about that…Talking of a military superpower…)

Russia and China will follow, India will spend, so Pakistan will spend, the whole world will spend EVEN more on weapon systems, and not on schools, infrastructure, safe lanes for bicycles (a personal favorite), none of that. The world will buy more stuff that go boom. Bang Bang.

But a nuclear war? Neih, not really, just more military build-up. More macho guys waving their dicks at each other (George Carlin was right about this).

And if I do worry that someone might use nuclear weapons, then it’s not North-Korea that comes to mind.

It’s Israel. Easily the most systematically oppressive militarized nation on earth.

If they ever feel threatened enough they will have absolutely no qualms about using their nuclear weapons. They can shoot them from submarines as well, so they can target anyone, anywhere.

Google Israel’s Samson option, if you don’t believe me.

These guys have actually threatened the world with total destruction if something bad were ever to happen to the Israeli occupiers (= the entire country).

That I do worry about. That the real bad guys are painted as the defenders of freedom and democracy.

And North-Korea?

Yes, they have a sick and twisted regime over there that bullshits its own population. But then again, they did get the shit bombed out of them by the US and its allies back in the fifties. I think more bombs were thrown on Korea than were thrown in the entire second world war….

That will do some crazy shit to a country.

North-Korea wants ironclad reassurance that they will safely get to keep their regime. The US doesn’t even want to talk to them. And so it gets a little crazy and provocative to show its teeth.

Not a bad strategy given what happened to dictatorial regimes who were cooperative about destroying their weapon arsenal, such as Gaddafi and Saddam Husein. Or what they tried to do with Assad, but failed, due to the Russians who did what the US only pretended to be doing: bombing the shit out of ISIS.

If you don’t mind a little blood on your hands, now would be the perfect time to invest in the armements industry. American, Russian, Israeli, all good.

Especially Israeli are a safe bet. They test their weapons on their mostly defenseless Palestinian colony, so their weapons can be labelled as ‘battle-tested’. Which is a huge marketing benefit.