A crowded tram.

Old ladies stabbing you in the ribs with their shopping bags.

The daily sardine adventure.

We all sweat in a yellow tram.

Switching to a different tram, slightly less crowded and, o comfort, o luxury, airconditioned.

Reading bits of Richard La Ruina’s seduction manual ‘The Natural’.

The same old strategies, different words.

What those manuals never supply is a refill for your cup of lust for live…

No seduction technique can make up for gangreneous soul.

Rushing to work.

Pass the same depressing market with overweight old people every morning.

Then 15 kids who all look like they should still be in bed.

Some joy whenever they get the humor in the movie you let them watch as you correct tests, tests, tests.

They will be so good at taking tests after their highschool career.

Unfortunately we do not test

  • their assertivity
  • their diplomatic convincing skills
  • their business ideas and executions skills
  • their skills in getting the woman of their dreams
  • their kindness
  • healthy habits

Modern day teaching is mostly chasing after mobile phones.

The devices we are stupid enough to let them have with them during classes and which take up at least 50 percent if not more of their already severely hampered concentration span.

A student looks with concern when you are staring out the window with your forehead against the window.

A useless, unannounced meeting.

Three students looking weird and drowsy. You find out the reason: they have taken Xanax pills. Three of them…

You urge them to not take a fourth, as they plan to do, but you can’t strap them to their chairs…

A student coming to ask if you want to take his class group -which you don’t even teach- to an aqua park next week, because the teacher responsible for taking them out does not want to do it.

You being too exhausted to say yes and feeling guilty about that.

The same student returning a little while later with a gift for you.

Chocolate filled cookies.

You’re on a diet, so you put the delicious cookies on the desk of your favorite colleague, Lucia, the one who happens to have a sweet tooth.

If everyone could be as thoughtful as this student, perhaps things would be a little easier.

A student ostentatiously not willing to watch a movie, but you’ve foreseen that move and you’ve brought books for that particular student to flip through while the rest watches the movie. Or pretends to watch the movie.

At least one kid seeming to masturbate unabashedly, but it turns out he has his infernal phone between his legs and he’s playing some game.

One student following you everywhere with his eyes. Suddenly saying: ‘We won’t see you anymore’.

An other student: ‘We will still have a lesson tomorrow’.

The student: ‘Yes, but am already sad’.

Of course, you don’t tell them the real reason why you are leaving the school, it’s definitely not because of them, and it’s not even because of the low paycheck, it’s the silliest of reasons, too melodramatic to name.

You leave the school entirely drained.

One student is calling you on your phone. Possibly because he wants French lessons. Odd, because he’s skipped English twice, but insists on having French.

You’re too tired to talk, but at the tram stop an other student walks up to you, smiling and eager to talk. So, I don’t know, like some surgeon in underground bombed out Berlin, you pull yourself together and you devote all your attention to this cheerful, good-natured student. You agree to delete one of his tests results to give him a better final grade. He calls you the best possible teacher, but you know damn well that’s very far from the truth, and you’re the last person that should be a highschool teacher.

You dodge a big SUV (a very big bank loan on four wheels) on the way home. Not because it’s a big SUV, but because it’s not going fast enough.

You arrive home and you cook a meal.

One girl playfully asks ‘how is my favorite minion doing?’

An other wants to know what the ‘Next Apache’ is (it’s a bar that sells books)

A third lets you know she’s never seen the movie ‘Dances with wolves’.

None of them will still be a part of your life in two to three years. So it goes, so it goes, poo-tee-weet, poo-tee-weet. Poop eat sleep.

It’s tropical in Bratislava.

The local in your face narcissists are getting a sun tan next to the lake that’s practially at your doorstep.

In Syria Iran has finally hit ISIS with rockets.

The evil empire called the US (with its capital in Tel-Aviv) has downed a Syrian plane, totally illegally.

But nobody seems to care, nobody seems to mind.

Poo tee weet

So it goes, so it goes.

Poop eat sleep.

An other day gone by.