I don’t know what happens to people’s passion. Most people I meet are like walking corpses who put more time into ornamenting their decaying exteriors than in building any sort of genuine report with a fellow human being.

Perhaps if I sweep them under the rug with the rest of the boring dust, more exciting people will come along, people who seem to be alive.People with something to say other than work related gossip, shopping stuff, etc

Most of my conversations would never happen if I wasn’t the one initiating them, and keeping them going by asking questions. I’m not sure how other people spend their time, but I doubt they spend it connecting to people in any real sense.

Are you depressed, because you are depressed, or because you’re surrounded by anal retentive, shy, restrained, depressing, non-living people as far as the empty horizon stretches?

I need a detox cure from all the boring, undramatic, freakishly sane and respectable people. Get out of my life, you’re so respectable.

Where are all the nutcases I used to meet?

Ok, they may slip chemicals in your drink, they might cheat on their dangerous boyfriends with you, they might end up drunk on your doorstep in the middle of the night, they might start having sex with you in a fight like manner because their father messed them up, they might cling to you because they have nothing else to hold on to, but hey, they bring some cool drama into your life and at least they’re not zombifiedily cold! Some openly broken human debris! Yeah! They were a lot more fun to hang out with than the steady ‘my job is my entire life’ crowd and ‘how I perform at my job plus how sexy I look is all that I build my self-worth on’ burnouts.

God, where’s the delete button?

Three dull strikes and you’re out.