Just a thought after dealing quite intensely with many, many different people in different countries from all walks of life.

If you want to have a big giant turd on your head, treat people as nicely as you can, make an effort for them, show you care, go out of your way to bend to the rules to their liking.

Then wait and see.

Soon you’ll feel the warm brown shower reeking of sulfur trickle down your forehead and shoulders. It works -almost- every time.

Once in a while you stumble across a rare individual who can handle your being nice to him or her, but most people turn into petulant children who just demand more and more and have less and less respect for you.

Most clients that walk into a therapy practice are the ones who let themselves be used as doormats because they basically care too much about other people.

We’re a funny, primitive species.

‘The more you will hate me the more you will learn’, says the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket and unfortunately he is right.

Here’s some more proof of how primitive we are: