Your vibe attracts your tribe
Three recent examples of how you attract the people that are in line with how you’re feeling.

There’s an old lady, I think she’s in her seventies, who’s always out cleaning, swiping the floor, tending to the garden plots in front of the apartment building. For some reason she feels I’m open to talk to her. She talks about communism and how things were cleaner under communism, that there was more order. The only thing she complains about is the persecution of priests under socialism. Slovaks call the communist period ‘socialism’. One day she noticed I wear T-shirt with the Slovak flag from time to time. So one day she appears at my doorstep and brings me a T-shirt with ‘we love this country.’ In her excitement she does not notice that there’s a half naked lady in my kitchen.

During a break at school I want to go out and buy some food. I bump into some of my favorite students. They are not allowed to go out, unless with a teacher, so I smuggle them out. They buy me chocolate and we joke a lot.

I bump into a stunning girl, both externally and internally, who happens to be crazy about the Netherlands. Now we meet twice a week to improve her Dutch, for about 10 hours per week. She wants to go so fast and so deep into Dutch and she’s so sensitive and straightforward that’s she taught me a lot about myself.

Bottom line: your vibe attracts your tribe.

Keep your eyes open, the teacher arrives when the student is ready, and somehow, the people you need always show up, if you’re open to meet them.