Why not?

It exhausts your will power.

It disrupts your focus.

It makes you swerve from the direction your’re heading in.

To click or not to click?

To like or not to like?

And which kind of like? Smiley, heart, tears, lol, anger???

To comment or not to comment?

To share or not to share?

All these microdecisions are exhausting your brain.

What do they seriously have to do with the goals you want to achieve in life?

Unless you are a social media researcher or perhaps a journalist looking for stories what could it possibly lead to? How it could possibly be of any value? How could it bring you closer to your goals?

If you’re looking for something specific, then a newsfeed is not the way to go.

The only reason you’re digging through all those posts and attention seekers is because you crave distraction, entertainment, perhaps some drama or ersatz love and connection.

What is your goal, if you’re honest, if you’re not afraid to admit it?

Tell yourself honestly, is scrolling through twitter/facebook/instagram/ect feeds bringing you any closer to that goal?

The way to achiever anything in life is fairly straightforward:

  • determine what your goal is, be as specific as possible
  • determine what needs to be done to get there (for example, study some people who’ve reached the same goal)
  • don’t do anything else until you’ve reached your goal

Unless you’re fooling yourself and you don’t want it badly enough…