Liam McRae works for the Natural Lifestyles. Here you see the team. He’s standing next to James Marshall, the guy who looks like Viggo Mortensen.

Liam V.jpg

He’s a so called Pick Up Artist. The term has nothing to do with being a musician, as a female friend of ours immediately assumed. He’s a dating expert. It’s purely a cooincidence that Liam happens to make metal music.

We became an instant fan of this guy because of a video where he walks around in skimpy and very pink shorts in London and manages to seduce a classy black woman who’s dressed impeccably. Anyway, he’s basically dressed in a way that would mortify any other guy, and he still gets the woman.

He promotes ‘social freedom’. Watch his excellent talk on that topic.

He’s an expert when it comes to ‘rapid escalation’ and explains how seduction can be ultrafast and how you can build attraction fast and get to ‘consumate’ it within hours.

And he has a thing or two to say about money.

This is his Facebook page.

So yesterday we asked him to answer our 21 #thrive questions. He politely declined, stating 21 was simply too much.

We asked him to answer just one question.

He said: ‘You pick’.

We wanted to know his ‘one word’, thinking that from all questions on the list it would reveal the most about what he stands for, how he operates, what he values, what’s his core mindset, etc. Read more about the philosophy behind the one word here.

And his one word is ‘delusion’.

By which he basically means: ‘whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re always right.’

He says:

Liam VI.jpg‘Well, it’s going to sound weird, but i would say delusion. Realising everything in life is a delusion, in either direction. You can have the negative delusion ‘everyone hates me, the worlds out to get me, im ugly, im worthless’. It’s NOT TRUE, it’s  just a point of view. Or ‘I’m amazing, everyone loves me, anything is possible’. ALSO NOT TRUE, but it’s a WAY BETTER DELUSION, so chose your delusion wisely‘.

You can also check out the entire team of The Natural Lifestyles on Facebook. 

They travel all over the place, but they seem to be based in Budapest, so not that far from Bratislava.

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