I’m waiting for my eggs now.

It’s Easter Monday in Slovakia.

Traditionally boys and men go around and throw water on girls and women, usually whole buckets. A group of men outfitted in traditional folk garb grabs them by the arms while one of their comrades splashes them. They also beat them with pussy willow branches. Usually, but not exclusively, on the buttocks.

It’s supposed to keep them pretty and healthy.

Oblievačka, it’s called around here. Which you can translate as watering. The tradition has its own wikipedia page.

The tradition is not limited to Slovakia, it’s also a big thing in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. Polish Americans call it ‘Dyngus Day’.


As a reward the boys get eggs (I’m still waiting for mine though…).

I did not beat her as hard as on some other occasions (with mutual consent) and she did not get terribly wet.

Her phone got a little wet too, but was kept out of harm’s way during the beating.
I did not get eggs. I did get a chocolate bunny in return for the splashing and thrashing.  I’m not in Belgium anymore. Things work a little bit differently here in Slovakia.
Oh, there were also some feminist protests against the practice. Not sure why. It’s all in good fun. And I’ve been told the girls can take revenge on Tuesday. I’ll have to be careful tomorrow…




No water or willows were hurt writing this blog post.

Slovak men also like to film these incidents, YouTube is full of Slovak girls getting wet and being beaten.

No worries, after some initial stage fright, they seem to enjoy the whole process.