Bob Jones II.JPGHe’s funny, he’s from The Netherlands, but he moved to Australia for love, his Facebook feed is a roller coaster, he’s clearly hooked on making a positive impact and he oozes honesty. He doesn’t pretend to be Mr. Bigshot and talks openly about his success AND his faillures. Could we have a better candidate to answer our 21 #thrive questions? We think not. Just look at the description on his website.

Hey, I’m Bob and this is version 832 of my personal blog. I’ve been called an entrepreneur, a digital marketer, an affiliate marketer, a digital architect, an SEO and social media personality.

I write and publish stuff occasionally. You might have seen me around on SearchEngineJournal, MOZ or the HuffPo.

Some of the businesses, websites and projects I’ve done in the past decade include but are not limited to: (popular parody blog until I sold it in 2006 I think it was.) (don’t ask :)), an scraper.
A whole bunch of WordPress plugins, many of them either sold or not active anymore. (e.g,, and a pile of other ones I can’t even remember anymore.)
A slew of streaming TV and movie websites, like (I know, I know, I shut them all down after the MPAA came knocking with a C&D.)
The last thing I did to date and which was the most successful was which is an Australian Digital Agency which I started in 2013 and sold in 2016.
I’m currently looking to get back into affiliate marketing and ecommerce projects. Always keen to hear about new and exciting projects, so if you want to bounce some ideas around, shoot me an email or hit me up on Facebook.


Here are his answers.

What is the one thing you could do today that would make everything else easier?

Get properly organised and have systems and processes for everything in life.

How are you going to create more value for yourself and others than you did yesterday?

By taking what I learned yesterday and making sure I take a new approach if the old ones didn’t work. This also includes things I’ve learnt about friends, family and peoples overall situation. If I sense someone needs a chat, I’ll reach out.

What’s the most important project you’re working on right now?

Life. Living is easy but living with purpose seems a lot harder. I’ve been spending a lot of time reading, thinking and validating certain things which hopefully one day will get me to start implementing those systems and processes.

What are you grateful for?

My kids, my health, my friends and my ability to see the good in everything and everyone. Well, almost everyone 😊

What are the positive habits you are building right now?

I started doing pushups before bed a few months ago. This has since turned into a habit that I welcome – I used to try to change too many things and ended up not changing anything. I’m now trying to compound my efforts.

What is a decision you are absolutely committed to? What is something you absolutely want to accomplish?

Help people where I can, when I can and if I can. I believe in teaching a man how to fish and not to just feed them fish when they’re hungry. I’m committed to teach my kids the way I see the world and hope that they will continue helping others too.

What have you learned recently?

That there’s little common sense around and that not everyone understands certain things that go on in the world. That people often have a closed mind and myopic view of their life in a bubble. Anything outside of their bubbles goes unnoticed and they lack the awareness needed to grow.

How do you want to feel today?

Useful, accomplished and liked.

How are you going to reward yourself today?

I don’t really run on a rewards system. This might sound cheesy, but the feeling I get from helping someone with their problems is the biggest reward I can receive.

What sort of people are you inviting into your life today?

I’ve recently connected with people that have the same sense of humor, understanding of the world and people but who are in completely different geographical locations and time zones.

Name a question you’d really like to see answered.

Did you really think it was a good idea to vote for Trump?

What does your ideal day look like?

Ideally I’d have a regular schedule where for example I’d wake up at 5, have a bunch of stuff done before 8, be able to work without distractions and more focus for 5 or 6 hours, take time with kids and friends and go to bed on time so I’d get my 8 hours in.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

I’d probably be dead.

What’s your one word and why?

“Why”. Because this allows an understanding of everything.

If your life was a movie, what would be the title?

8 miles.

What’s the best kind of business to get into right now?

Any business in which you know your stuff inside out, you love the product or service, there’s a healthy market for it and repeat demand. The internet is magic.

Polgyamy or monogamy? And why?

Monogamy because of dedication.

What’s the shittiest thing you’ve ever done to someone?

Hiding in a tree and peeing on a friends head when they sat under the tree. Don’t ask – I was like 12.

What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone?

There’s not really a single, nicest thing. I like to keep doing little nice things all the time.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Not a direct compliment but something I took as one: Recently when I simply donated some money to a charity and did so through Facebook, people spontaneously started matching my donation without being asked to do so. It showed me that people take notice and I can make an impact by leveraging online reach.

What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

Trust people but take notice of red flags. Always trust your own instincts and do what feels right. Just because a lot of people tell you you’re making a mistake is not a reason to refrain from doing something, do it anyway and learn from it.

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