The unexpected.


Although people are quick to complain and criticize, when you ask them for constructive feedback they suddenly turn mute.

A little while ago I asked all of you what could make this blog better.

Only one person came forward with ideas of his own.

Most people I asked directly shrugged off the question and said ‘I don’t know’

I don’t know always means:

I don’t want to go through the trouble of trying to know.

Not Oliver Šperlík.

He’s probably my wittiest student, he’s also exceptionally imaginative, I don’t want to poison his head with writing aspirations, but he has a literary talent with a knack for tragycomedy.

He came to me during class and handed me the overview you can see pictured above.

His remarks were to the point and insightful.

Unfortunately a wordpress blog is shitty, lots of their options do not work at all.

Theoretically I could and would make all the changes Oliver suggests, such as adding categories, but because it’s wordpress, it would fuck up the layout entirely.

I will have to learn code… I’m ‘friends’ with several IT’ers, but none of those will step forward to do it for me. I should have learned code years ago.

This post is dedicated to Oliver Šperlík, one of the most cheerful guys I know, with a contagious positive spirit. He hasn’t been infected with the ‘Am not doing anything unless I get paid for it’ virus yet. And he comes up with excellent suggestions and funny remarks, because he’s not afraid to fail. It’s the fear of making a mistake that keeps us from being creative.