Homosexuals everywhere, I would like to thank you for leaving more options available for me in the dating world. I support you for humping each other, showing affection to each other, moving in with each other, and any kind of deviant or non-deviant sexual act you wish to engage in, if it happens between two consenting adults. Thanks. Gay guys tend to be stylish and well kempt, so who knows, if some of you hadn’t been gay you might have hurt my chances to get laid quite badly. And they are already not good to begin with, so really, thanks!

One of the headlines I saw pass by this week was something about how it’s now illegal to spread this portrait in Russia…

I have never quite understood homophobia.

The only explanation I have for it, is:

– you are gay yourself and openly gay people remind you of something that’s true about you and scares the hell out of you

– you are very insecure about your shallow definition about what it is to be a man, and one of the easy ways to prove what a real man you are is hating gay people

– your father hated gay people and you look up to him, so by hating gay people you want to say: ‘I love you, daddy.’

If you are gay, be gay. You’ll be so happy if you are just who you are.

If you are insecure about your manhood, please talk to real men and broaden your ideas about what it is to be a man.

If you want to tell your father you love him, say: ‘Dad, I love you.’

Please share this image if you like to have more chances with women, because of the kind gay people not trying to seduce women you are interested in.

Do not share this image if it looking at men with somewhat feminine features makes you uncomfortable because you have put yourself in a cultural straightjacket that prevents you from accepting every aspect of who you are as a human being.

Dedicated to Glenn Du Ville, a courageous guy who stood up for his real self.