‘Is the world getting better or worse? And why?’

It’s one of the questions I’ve been asking people the last couple of weeks.

Almost all of them say:

‘It’s definitely getting worse.’

Compared to when?

Compared to 30 years ago.

And why?

‘Because of terrorism’


The terrorists… The biggest threat to mankind?

Fuck that.

6,000 children die EACH DAY because of POVERTY, that is the real terrorism.

That’s a lot more than the number of people that die because of terrorism EACH YEAR.

And was the world such a magical place 30 years ago?

Children were born with huge birth defects in Vietnam, because of agent orange. Thousands and thousands of Vietnamese were maimed. Quite a few American vets spent their life in hell after their tour in ‘the Nam’.

The US and Russia were slugging it out in Afghanistan.

Iran and Iraq lost millions of life, because the West liked to see them wipe each other out, as long as they could profit from it.

Colombia was a mess with the drug wars.

Chile had gone through a brutal, American brewed, coup, when Allende was pushed aside.

Indonesia lost about a million people, when they cleansed the country of suspected communists. A little know Asian holocaust. Please look it up, it’s one of the least known shocking events in world history.

Cambodia was still reeling from the social experiments of one Pol Pot.

We had the IRA, we had ETA, the kmer rouge, Israel was stealing land from Palestinians, which it continues to do today.

In Iraq, after the first golf war, we saw a staggering increase in children fatalities, first of all because of a crazy embargo imposed on the country, and second of all because of Cancer. Lots of children developed cancer because the US and its allies used lots of depleted uranium when they stormed through the country.

And we haven’t even mentioned Africa.

So the world is now even worse off than back then? Seriously?

Because of some criminals who kill a dozen people here and there?

They are frustrated criminals.

They do it because they want to be special.

And we give it to them. We deliver their ‘hero’ status on a golden plate.

All the media write about them, as though they are the equivalent of an invasion by hordes of high tech alien killer robots. Let’s shit our pants right now!

Whereas in reality they are totally insignificant.

They kill infinitely less people than poverty or coronary heart disease. If you become all emotional about the loss of human life then look into that.

They have almost no impact if we don’t let them have impact.

But we are not that smart, are we?

It’s spectacular, it’s more special than 6,000 children starving to death every day or shitting themselves to death because of contaminated water, so it’s all over the news.

And we are ‘scared’, because the world has gone mad.

Yes, the word has gone mad.

Because we give more attention to some lunatics who go to a club to shoot people, than we give to eradicating poverty, because we give far more attention to some rather amateurish criminals than to the fact that our clothes are made by people who do 36 hour shifts and make a monthly salary that only allows them to buy the shoe laces of the overpriced sneakers we buy in the shopping mall. That’s a world gone mad, it’s not gone mad because we have a very small group of individuals who go on a relatively small killing spree once in a while.

Where’s our stamina gone? Germany anno 1944 was totally bombed out and still they managed to increase their war production.

We are attacked about once every three months, in the average attack less than 100 people die usually, and we are already losing it, we are already crapping our pants.

If you really want to fight terrorism, write about their acts as ordinary criminal events. Not front page material. The terrorists thrive on attention, stop giving it to them.

If you want to stop terrorism, stop bombing other countries. Find our if your own country is involved in bombing some middle Eastern Country, there’s a good chance that it is. Stop it.

Stop giving attention to terrorists. Start systematically referring to them as losers. Arrest them. Lock them up. Ignore them. Ordinary criminals.

And as long as we allow 6,000 children to die each die, we are the terrorists.