On Sundays we tend not to just relax, but to outline future plans.

Note the determined look in Zuzi’s eyes.

We are a good team, because we are bent on spreading the same values. Not that we agree on everything, but we have a lot of common ground and want to get things done.

Today’s agenda:

– How to promote the Authenticity Diary

– How to do videos

– How to improve this blog

– How to market her T-shirts, artwork and postcards

– Her ideas about her work as a teacher, what it means to be a good teacher, what modern schooling should look like

– Our idea to do workshops with content simular to what Matthew Hussey is offering

– Critical analysis of blog posts on this site. The stats are booming, but we are not satisfied with what we are currently offering. It needs to be BETTER

How are y’all spending Sunday?

Let it be a platform to #thrive this week!