1. A mature comment from a student in my conversation class

‘Lots of students are very critical about the school. They want to change many things, but they themselves will not change.’

2. An example of resilience

Today I talked to a mother who’s gone through the worst thing that can happen to a mother.

I won’t go into details, but we will never fully know the strength some people have. Especially when they’re genuinely modest about that strength.

3. My students are lucky I try hard to remember what I was like at their age

Whenever I’m dissapointed that a student throws aways his potential or doesn’t make a shadow of an effort. A voice in my head asks: ‘what were you like back then?’

Far, far worse. ‘Will end up in the gutter’ worse. Fubar worse. (fubar = fucked up beyond all recognition)

The only difference is that my motivation fluctuated, I either had the best scores or the worst.

No, am not bipolar.

I’m surely something, but am not bipolar.

I do feel sorry for some of them, they are so obviously in a place they do not want to be in and they accept that as an inevitability, whereas, if they wanted, they could have a lot more fun.

4. I got two letters from the past

There are websites where you can send yourself an email which you will receive in the future.

Today I’ve received two.

One I sent on the 26th of November 2016

The other one in the beginning of January of this year.

It helps me to see if things have changed and if I still feel the same way about things as months ago.

It helps me check if I imagine things or not, If I’m really committed to a goal and so on.

5. A sweet, optimistic colleague knows what to give me for my birthday

I’ve stopped drinking coffee – the current withdrawal symptoms are a sure reminder -, but I will start drinking some tea again, so this mug comes in handy.

And it had a very nice picture of Bratislava, and unlike most Slovakians, I love Bratislava.