I have this weird idea that alcohol is part of what keeps the 99 percent the 99 percent and the one percent the one percent.

Because instead of solving actual problems, a bunch of people get drunk for no other reason than some fairly pointless entertainment, at least once a week. Or entire weekends, especially here in Slovakia young people go off to the mountains to just drink. Imagine what would happen if they rallied behind some other goal than to get intoxicated. We did the same when I was a teenager, and it was equally useless back then. (We didn’t have mountains though, we just got drunk at home).

And at the same time I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the profit of the alcohol industry was somehow flowing to the 1 percent.

I also find it objectionable that so many relationships would never happen without the aid of alcohol.

It would save me hundreds of euros a year, save me a couple of pounds, stop me from doing dumb shit in the middle of the night, save me a couple hangovers.

And I got by on a lot less sleep when I wasn’t drinking any alcohol whatsoever.

It’s also a hard way to practice self-discipline.

And I have this secret longing to lead a Spartan existence.