I often wonder how a good school would work. Mine was fairly traumatic. As in: I want a couple of thousands of hours back!!

A school that students are excited about, LOVE to go to, want to go to and where they are still learning lots of useful things. Is that a pipe dream?

My students are generally very negative about school. Of course, you could say they are teenagers, they have to be negative, but I don’t believe that. On the contrary, most of my students have more excitement in them than most adults I meet.

I was thinking that the ideal school would:

Abolish all ‘vykanie’ and switch to ‘tykanie’, students would only address teachers with vykanie to show they are not on the same page. vykanie = formal, tykanie = informal

Students and teachers would work on having close relationships

Students would have their own classrooms and the teachers would go from classroom to classroom, not the other way around

The students would prepare and perform a theatrical performance, twice a year

A subject would be taught by two teachers who complete each other, because the teaching profession requires so many diverse skills that no one human being can have all the necessary qualities to truly excel

Students would team up to run their own businesses

Every day would start with a morning run

The first class of the day would always be a positive psychology workshop

Students would eat all together at the same time, I notice that in my own school there are hungry students at any time during the day because they don’t eat all at the same time

Phones would definitely not be allowed, totally ruins their concentration, they are just not present when they are on their phones


students and teachers would both live on campus and socialize in the evenings, the headmaster would still be teaching, boards of alumni would decide on the curriculum, connection, building emotional muscle and intelligence would be the top priority, students would get a lot more movement, they would truly work hard, play hard, students would be given the incentives to WANT to excell and become self-actualized individuals because they would see the benefits immediately, all electronic devices would be unaccessible after 22 pm unless in case of an emergency, all teachers would be in therapy or one on one supervision with a therapist, students would start the day working out (preferably running or rowing), there would be lots of guest speakers with experience ‘in the field’, there would be a sizeable body of exchange students, students would be encouraged to run a business of some kind, there would be animals on campus, including space for bee keeping, the school would function as a partly self-sufficient village run by students, teachers and staff, languages would mostly be taught through intense immersion and less with ridiculously unwordly grammar exercises, subjects would overlap as much as possible, self-study would be encouraged, students would learn how to learn, the innate human curiosity that kids have would somehow be maintained, students would be part of the political life of the school, there would be a uniform available, but students would not be required to wear it, it would be optional. Teachers would operate in teaching duos, tandems, who would be friends and compatible, making each other a complete educational unit, since I do not think any teacher has ALL the required skills to be a consummate teacher, the requirements are simply to diverse for any one individual to have them all. And so on and on.

Any thoughts on this or has your school stamped out your idea muscle?