1. It’s summer and I’m in my student room working on a thickly packed edition of the student magazine

She comes knocking and love strikes me as never before.

We talk for 22 hours straight and she carves a palace in my soul she can never lose.

Hey, some things can’t be explained without a certain level of corniness.

2. We are rehearsing a play from the yearly artistic student evening

I’m suddenly drawn to one of the actresses with the kind of force that moved Spanish galleons across entire oceans.

We go and eat chocolate fondue, drink cocktails and walk along the abandoned river strip at night.

I get swallowed by a dragon queen.

3. I’m finally learning how to swim

And there’s a fellow student who introduces me to one thousand and one nights.

4. I’m teaching Dutch in Slovakia

And a cat walk model happens to be in my class with the vibe of a gogo dancer and the heart of a saint.

5. We’re discussing the Slovak school system

And she looks like a fabulous sixties lead singer preaching love, peace, empathy.

Note that all of this happened when I focussed on something dearly important to me.

Also note that none of this happened while swiping right on Tinder.

Even this one didn’t quite do it: