1. The girl who starts writing in a book you’ve borrowed her

So, I borrow a book to a girl and a little while later I notice she’s marking stuff in it, and writing in it with a pen.

When she notices I am noticing this, she says: ‘I was not planning to give it back’

The girl makes about twice the salary that’s considered ok in Bratislava.

The book costs 7 euro.

At first I was a tiny bit peeved.

But then I went: what if this is a gift?

And it is.

For a mere seven euros I have found out what kind of hogging, selfish, impolite person this is.

It’s a bargain!

2. The student who copies the correct answers from his phone under his bench

What a lame way to reveal his true character.

I’ve done many crap things as a student, but I NEVER copied the right answers to a test.

What an easy way to reveal yourself as an insecure fraud.

I guess his usual self-confident swagger is just a pose.

If he confesses out of his own volition I’ll gladly give him an other chance.

I will even give him the good grade he got, because I didn’t notice it when he was cheating.

But what a gift to find out vital info about someone in such an easy way.

3. The woman who has no time for you

Isn’t that easy?

There are far worse ways to find out someone doesn’t give a shit about you, trust me.

Move on, it’s a gift.

4. When I graduated I couldn’t find a job anywhere

In 2007 I discovered my master degree was basically worthless. The jobs I could find with it paid less than factory work. Economically it was worthless.

The gift?

I discovered I could make money writing and staging plays. Something I had learned doing in 4 years of otherwise useless college.

5. I’m an abstainer

When I start drinking, I don’t stop. When you put a gram of coke in front of me, I won’t stop until it’s all gone. And when I drink one cup of coffee I’ll drink three liters.

The good news?

I find it very easy to abstain from things entirely. I suck at moderation, but I’m good at the extremes.

So if I just go for the abstaining extreme and not the overdosing extreme, I can make my life a lot easier, save a ton of money and perhaps get in a better shape than ever before.

What are your unexpected gifts?