• I was never told what money really is. We were not taught it is a fiat currency and that money is created as debt. We were never taught to make a lot of it or how to exploit the fact that its value exists only in our minds. We were taught to, perhaps, if we were lucky and very handworking, to get a secure average income. This should of course comes as no surprise, because you do not go into teaching because you are a financial wizzard
  • We were not taught to take risks and everything we learned -looking back now- came from the idea that the world was a very scary place where we had to play defense all the time and put up our guard
  • We were only taught stuff that would somehow allow us to sell our time and skills to an employer
  • Employers seemed to be mythical creatures who just happened to exist. We were taught to become employees, the idea that we might want to be employers was never even considered
  • I was not taught to flirt and have lost countless hours trying to learn this very important skill. I am still way too verbose about it, because during 5 hours of Latin a week I was taught how to be verbose
  • I was not taught to sell anything at all, except for making a very orthodox looking CV and to send it to one of those mythical employers
  • If someone was willing to give me a monthly salary this was automatically considered to be a good thing, regular jobs seemed to exist in a realm where there was no morality. A job was always intrinsically good.

This week I slipped the question ‘where does money come from?’ into an assignment at school. Reading very succint answers like ‘it comes from your boss’ set me thinking…

At least one student did answer that money is created as debt. Did he learn it in school? No, he watched a documentary online.