I do not think there is anything intrinsically wrong with money and I am very open to answers to the question: How can I get A LOT more of it?


  • A YouTube channel in Slovak. Perhaps my silly foreign accent could be catchy and I could get some money from adds. Trouble is that I would not know what to talk about. Maybe if I were to give it more thought and found a better concept for it. I could interview people like the guy from London Real, but then I need a team, a studio and much better filming equipment.
  • An interpreter  bureau. My Slovak is getting better and I do speak something like 8 languages, from all the things I know how to do I am best at learning languages -am not even making an effort right now- and writing bullshit, so I could interpret and write bullshit on the side.
  • I could sell a lot more books. If I can sell 5,000 copies of the Authenticity Diary I get myself two years to work on anything I want, which would include more books to sell.
  • Work for some multinational. The trouble there is that these positions usually involve lots of administration and I would prefer to work in a factory than to shuffle papers around. Plus, nobody is happy there.
  • Find a job in Austria
  • Work for some embassy or international organization. Better pay, interesting topics, but lots of fakeness and pretending to be useful and important…
  • Works towards owning several flats and get rent out of them
  • A language school. Unfortunately there is lots of competition in Bratislava, I fear that market is taken.
  • Getting more clients as a therapist. The trouble here is that it will take ten years to be a licensed therapist in Slovakia. They are very strict about this around here. Which does very little for the quality.
  • Import Belgian delicacies and export Slovak delicacies. Have zero experience in this.
  • Organize events in Bratislava. Have some relevant experience. Am sure there are big gaps in what the social scene has to offer. Might work.
  • Work for the international press as a freelancer and cover a large chunk of Eastern Europe.

I had some crazier ideas as well, all still legal, but this post is not protected by a password.