Bullshit like this pic circulates all over the internet. Ok, so nothing on the right will make you rich, but nothing on the left will make you rich either.

The telling thing is that this manic masturbatory feel good shit is never shared by actual millionaires.

Either you are born in a well off family, or you happen to be an executive talent with a million dollar idea at the right time, or you are a shark in a field where lots of money goes around.

The list on the left conveniently leaves out the only thing that will work if you weren’t born rich: having one good idea or being an expert in a hot field and working like a maniac to make it happen.

Thought I’d balance the 5 awesome things a day, with 5 gruesome things from time to time. So my gruesome things for today:

-reading books will not bring you money, unless you write a bestseller yourself

-continuously learning will not make you rich if you are continuously learning about a field where there’s no money. Learn all you want about pedagogy, it won’t make you a millionaire.

-talking about ideas will most definitely not make you rich, I know lots of people who constantly have ideas about what they want to try next, they won’t be millionaires any time soon.

-forgiving people? Nice, but it won’t make you a millionaire.

-millionaires or people on their way to become millionaires don’t post lame drivel about becoming millionaires.

Some people would be a lot happier if they didn’t buy into the social media culture of ‘everybody can become a millionaire’. Especially those who are willing to try anything trivial they read on self-help sites, like taking a cold shower or drinking some kind of seriously overpriced kambalabucho tea to become ‘more productive’.