1. Criticize all you want, but offer an alternative

Ján Janoštiak, a future lawyer, was getting confused when we were going over the tenses today, so he offered a different way of explaining the matter at hand. I am not sure if he is right, but I salute him for that and I am thinking about it.

I hate it when people blurt out their criticism and don’t appreciate the effort you’re making for them, but if they suggest an alternative it’s great.

2. From now on I will protect some blog posts with a password

People who are curious will have to ask for the password. They can get a yes or a no.

They will be asked not to share it with anyone.

I will feel even more liberated to truly speak my mind, because am getting tired of being crucified for being me.

3. Gossip precedes you, but that is ok

I work in a highschool. A school has a certain kind of climate, let’s say.

If I meet a teacher I have not met before the person almost always already has a solid opinion about me based on rather malignant gossip. It would take a lot of energy to change that opinion, so I let it be, because if you let gossip influence your opinion about someone I do not think I need you in my life right now.

4. To the girl that keeps pointing out that what I do is useless

First of all, what she considers useful is every action that leads to money in a straight line.

What I do does not lead to money in a straight line, agreed, but if one day it DOES lead to money I will suddenly make a lot more money than she does in her very orthodox, very pragmatic, very well mapped out and rather soulless career.

5. My meek and sheepish exterior invites kicks against my shins, but that is also ok

I come across as so unthreatening that I bring out the best or the worst in people. Maybe it is because I am as old as Jesus when he died.

As a perceptive girl remarked a couple months ago: ‘With your kind of subservient attitude you must get abused a lot’

Yes, that is true, people unmask themselves in front of me because I do not pose a threat to them.

I get to the see the best and the worst people have to offer.

If the bad ever trumps the good I will go and live in secluded isolation, but right now I still meet much more examples of people with a truly good nature than people with a truly nasty agenda.