1. The quote that goes with this blog post was sent to me by Petrus from I D.

Petrus means ‘rock’ as in a rock to build on, and perhaps also ‘he who rocks’, because nomen est omen and he really does look like Jim Morrison.

Jesus – legend has it- told Petrus the apostle that he would build his church on him. I suppose we could build the Slovak ministry of culture on Petrus from I D, or anything else that needs a steadfast, inquisitive, diplomatic yet critical, stalwart and uncorrupted soul to thrive.

2. Today I was invited to go and visit the former USSR in 1994

A surprisingly open-minded American here in Bratislava told me we would have had a lot of fun in the ex USSR in the early nineties.

Too bad my time machine is not fully operational, because I would have loved that.

3. In the long bus ride this morning I wrote down my bewilderingly simpleton ideas about making money in Bratislava

Maybe I’ll squeeze a blog post out of it.

It’s not so much the ideas that matter, but the execution.

It’s about time I start to make more money, because except when am talking with my students I’m bored.

4. Billions of dollars are being invested in virtual reality

One of the results I expect is that men and women will stop having relationships. Somehow men will fulfil their sexual needs through virtual reality and most -not all- man women relationships will become redundant.

Right now, at this point in history, women hold the advantage when selecting mates, but in the future the balance will shift.

5. Slovak students are almost unrealistically well-behaved.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is hereby kindly invited to go and teach in Brussels or Antwerp for one year (unless they have a burnout after one month). Here are some pictures. Today we visited a private college. I hope some of our students will go there, because I got a good feeling from the school. And am not really that much of a fan of schools, so that must mean something.