1. People will mistake your kindness for weakness

Except for the very caring and respectful ones.

You can stop being kind. You can start avoiding most people. You can stay kind and be used as a punching bag. You can stay kind and be aggressive at just the right moment (which is the best option, but also the most challenging one…)

2. Some people have – for whatever reason – chosen to not really live, to not take initiative, to do only the minimum of what is required of them, to do just enough to stay out of trouble. It’s the art of getting by, but there’s nothing beautiful about it. At least the movie ‘the art of getting by’ had some appeal because of the pretty actors.

3. Most people just want your money or whatever you have to offer that can get them or their kids to more money

4. Almost everyone is more obsessed about his/her self-image than anything else

5. The only fireproof way to avoid daggers in your back is to go and live alone on an island