1. Kick the trash out of your mind

With the future elite of Slovakia (the students of Adlerka highschool) we went to see the movie The Peaceful Warrior today.

The plotline was typically hollywoodian, but the minimalist philosophy it contained won’t hurt anyone.

By hollywoodian I mean:

-gifted person, but arrogant
-horrible thing happens to said person
-contemplating suicide
-it’s a humbling experience
-the person starts working his or her ass off
-the person wins gloriously

The end.



Let’s go get drunk now and fall asleep in front of the television.

The self-help stuff it contains was good though.

Kick everything out of your mind that doesn’t serve you.

We find similar ideas in the books of Viktor Frankl, Eckhard Tolle and many others. The post on the tea spoon trick somewhere on this blog says the same basically.

Kick out everything that doesn’t serve you. It also reminded me of this (alleged) Churchill quote, see all the way below.

2. In the spirit of kicking out everything that doesn’t serve you

Think I’ve had my fill of going to drink over-priced coffee with random girls for a while, just because they happen to be somewhat of an aestetic experience to look at. They’re starting to be very interchangeable.

The kind of wild, provocative, ambitious women full of initiative that I like have better things to do than sit around and sip coffee.

I did it to get a certain lady out of my head, but it’s a counter-productive strategy.

If it doesn’t serve some clear cut purpose I’ll be drinking my coffee the way I like it best, cold, one day old, dirt cheap and brick solid strong.

So more concrete projects, less superficial blablabla over coffee.

I have some 50 years left on this planet, I can’t donate them to someone else -terminally parents of young children for example- so I swear to God I’ll make them more entertaining than they have been for the last couple of years.

3. Over in Austria you can make 1800 euro a month as a masseur… That’s three Slovak pay checks…

4. I’m 100 percent sure that we could do far more amazing things with my guys and two girls than to do exercises on the simple past. What a waste of their potential and curiosity to have them sit still 7 hours a day.

5. Scarlet and Rhett Butler are some of my favorite fictional characters of all time