1. Sometimes you meet someone and go: damn, if all people were a bit more like him/her we would be a step closer to paradise on earth…

I ran into one of my students in the Eurovea shopping center.

This guy makes me wonder about his parents. How did they raise such a guy? What’s the secret? Are they some enlightened gurus or what is going on? Have they written a book on raising children? If yes, I’ll pay top dollar for a copy.

He’s mature, respectful, instantly spots mistakes on the whiteboard, asks profound questions, managed to paint me a picture of the world’s future that sounded pretty realistic and took many different factors into consideration, correctly described the pedagogical situation of his class group, is never arrogant whereas one or two less gifted students can be very arrogant at times. I have never met someone like this. Should we ship this guy off to college first thing on Monday?

I hope he never becomes arrogant and at the same time I hope he never becomes burdened by people’s expectations of him.

It’s a little weird being inspired by someone that much younger than you, but my new found humility can take it.

2. There are lots of enterprising, courageous people in Bratislava

a business is an idea to make lives better.png

There are people around here who build kindergartens, coffee shops, taxi services, restaurants, boat hotels, etc, etc. I have the greatest respect for people who take on the daunting challenge of creating their own business.

3. There’s a strong coffee culture in Bratislava

I personally am not picky about coffee, I prefer the cheapest kind of robusta coffee, but I do enjoy the culture around it. Here in Bratislava coffee is hot.

Even the New York Times wrote about it, check out this article.


4. Pretend everything is a gift

Try it. Something shitty happens to you? Ask yourself, what if it’s a gift? Sometimes a situation is too painful to even consider this, but, really, try anyway, you almost always come up with a stimulating answer.

5. I can read and write outside again, and Bratislava is always mildy stormy, so it’s like the wind carries your sorrows away

This is not Bratislava, this picture was taken on the rooftop of my house in Belgium.

Looking back I don’t know what kept me in Belgium for so long.

Bratislava makes me come alive. No Slovak will believe me, but it’s true.