1. Pegagogy 101 ::  Tests are more important than empathy

Yes, when I was supposed to be correcting tests, tests, tests, TESTS!!!!!!!, I chose to listen to students who came to talk about their heartache, their joys and their doubts.

Some people think that’s bad teaching, so fine, shoot me.

I love this song.

2. Here and there I meet someone who has the guts to tell me what he thinks to my face and not behind my back  to feed his or her ego

His or her comments can sure sting, but at least you can respect a person like that.

I would even share my peas with a person like that.


3. People do not want to be a member of a club that accepts them as a member

When I was a totally arrogant asshole women were practically lining up, the more I want to treat a woman like a Queen the faster she runs away. I know about this ‘dynamic’, but when I care I can’t pretend to treat a woman like shit just in order to ‘get her’.

I somehow cannot switch back to being an asshole, having discovered where all that asshole behavior came from, but it says something scary about women and people, doesn’t it?

It works the other way around too, if a woman treats me like a King I pack my bags and run faster than Slovaks who spot an offer for chicken soup. (They LOVE soup in this country).

I’ve read somewhere we only fall in love if we feel that person could make us grow.

The article did not specify the nature of that growth.

Maybe we only want to be with someone if we feel like we first need to pass some ordeal, some hurdles with pointy rusty spikes  before we can be ‘allowed’ to be with them.

Women are bit different, they seem to believe that True Love will one day simply bump into them in the mall or at work if they just put on the right skirt in the morning.

And when it does happen, they rationalize it to dead.

Then eventually they settle for some simpleton provider who lacks every quality they proclaim to be looking for in a guy except boring, yet safe, predictability and become a:


4. Inner peace is throwing 25 kg bags of chocolate bags around all day

As a student I worked in a chocolate factory (I’m Belgian, they’re hard to escape), every summer. I got paid more than I now  make combining three different jobs. I didn’t see a living soul for 8 hours, I could get lots in my own thoughts without interruption, and I got the body of a chippendale. And I suppose people got to enjoy that chocolate eventually.

Why exactly do we look down on jobs like that?

I forget.

5. Fear is certain, passivity is optional

They’re like three to four things I’d love to do, but keep postponing because they scare the living daylights out of me.

Until someone said: the things you don’t want to do also scare the hell out of you, so what’s the difference?

Which reminded me of this speech: