1. One baby looked at an other and felt the spark to give life

kurt-courtney-babyApparently it’s possible to meet someone and both go: ‘my kingdom for a bed where we can get naked and weird’. It doesn’t happen every day, but it’s common.

Much more rare, perhaps it almost never happens, is to look at someone, to feel something pulling at you, and intuitively go, we need to bring a brand new individual into this world. As if that individual already exists, but in two parts, and is demanding to be made one. That’s when you have to assume that life has a plan of its own.

2. North-America is not the best place to have schizophrenia


The best place is a village in India or Africa, where you are accepted and where you can express what you have to express. In our western society, which is so driven by profit and consumption, there’s hardly any place for that.

This is one of the reasons why about once a year I re-bingewatch all Gabor Maté’s talks.

Watch one of my top favorite psychologists talk for four minutes here

3. The hunger for connection

One thing I like about teaching is that you get to connect with many different people. I love it when students stick around during breaks to talk and banter. Banter is so important to lay off steam. I do understand teachers who throw up thick walls between them and their students. It’s not so much during the regular lessons that the most meaningful interaction and Bildung occurs.


4 Compassion for insecure people

We all have our insecurities. Some our very aware of them, most aren’t. It takes work and it’s painful to be aware of your own insecurities, but it takes more work to try and hide from your own insecurities. You also put such a burden on people around you when you are screaming things to hide your insecurities.

The most appealing people – to me – are those that have developed a genuine pride in what they have accomplished and who they are and are at the same time humble about it.

Besides, personal accomplishment is such a hazy concept to delimineate.

If I have ever done anything right in my life, it was because I was blessed to be standing on the shoulders of giants.

There’s something farcically theatrical about insecure people pretending to be masters of the universe. What they need most of all is acceptance. And sometimes a merciful kick in the pants to cut the bullshit.

5. Subversive optimism



I have only one request,

if you let quote below sink in,

do you not think you’d experience more zest?


PS It does say ‘liking’ not ‘worshipping’, because liking means acceptance, worshipping means patching up ‘flaws’ and insecurities and it’s that frantic patching up that drives such a big part of our economy.