1. Describe me with the first word that comes to your mind

In class today we went over the traits of the 12 Zodiac signs AND the personality types of www.16personalities.com

It’s fun and there’s a lot of new vocabulary there, lots of adjectives to describe people.

For some reason we ended up with me telling them the first adjective that comes to my mind when I see them.

We also noticed how hungry we often are to find out – in a respectful way of course – how others perceive us.

As to vocabulary, there was one impression I couldn’t quite cover with one word.

I was looking for one word to capture something like ‘on the one hand you enjoy looking at the absurdity of life and on the other hand you look for a deeper meaning behind things’. You’re sometimes like a pendulum going between a love for absurdity and a love for philosophy.

I’ve racked my brain, but can’t find a word that says all that.

If someone has any valid suggestions, I would appreciate that.

2. Is this what you would write if it were your last day on earth?

Someone asked me this question this morning and told me it’s a good trick to truly write about what you feel most strongly about. The question carries the punch of the current light weight world champion in Thai boxing – no idea who that is- and the answer is:

No, I would not write this blog post if it were my last day on earth.

What I would write if it were my last day on earth would inevitably make me cry and I don’t feel like crying. It’s the first spring weather and that’s incompatible with tears. That would be like tempting the weather Gods.

So no, but I do think it’s a pity I do not write what I would write if it were my last day on earth.

I like to daydream it would carry the punch of the heavy weight world champion in Thai boxing. (No, I don’t have any idea who that is either, I don’t watch any sports whatsoever).

3. A budding artist at Alderka High School for gifted rebels volunteered to do artwork for a boardgame we’ve come up with

I don’t feel like explaining what the game is about at this point, but the concept revolves around 20 different characters.


It’s impressive what she does and I hope to see more of her work.

4. You don’t have to take my word for it, but sometimes it’s the little things that make us fall head over heels for a person

The way someone nods, the way someone walks (read: strides), the way someone orders, the little differences in someone’s way of speaking depending on who the person is interacting with, and so on and so on, I was urged by many to keep blog posts short and to the point and not too linguistically challenging.

At least we can all be sure that this particular human feeling will keep driving art, literature, music and perhaps anything that is ever created by human activity for centuries to come.

5. What is Project Authenticity?

Someone recently told me she doesn’t get the point or the concept of this blog.

I must admit that it’s a muddy concept. One clear indication of this is that – to my surprise- quite a bit of people read it daily (and even file a complaint if they wake up and there’s no post), but the posts do not have ‘share quality’ so the readers never share them. I doubt that’s because they want to keep them all to themselves, I think it’s because it’s still too rambling.

The idea was to give examples of ways to lead a more authentic life.

As in, being true to yourself.

Some of the biggest mistakes I have made in my life, I made, not because I actually wanted to do those things, but to impress or please others, because I thought it would make me look good and so on. I did learn a lot of things along the way, but it’s not the right ‘path’ and I’m abandoning that as much as I can.

So the concept was to investigate my life and let others investigate their lives on this blog, through a series of questions, but that concept would require the equivalent of a full time job to make it really work.

Right now I just post about 5 things that capture my attention during the day or that leave an impression or about something I keep thinking about.


I must say this is a slightly catchier concept, because in these two months of 2017 the blog got more visitors than in all of 2016… That’s why I try to be consistent about it and post something every day.

I did turn the questions used in those early blog post as the basis for a book, which will appear this month, and as soon as I find two days to really focus it will also be available in French and English. Eventually it should be available in Dutch as well.