I’ve just gotten back from a class with IB. Erika The Catslayer aka The Queen of the Damned has painted one of my nails -just one- pitch black and I feel part of some secret sect now. Viking hopefully got his phone back. Brano is hopefully not snorting any sugar or anything else up his nose. M&M is hopefully not throwing the word ‘shit’ in between every two sentences.

They are loud and chaotic, but I already miss them.

My students are surprisingly dependable. You can rely on them, you know what to expect from them.

They are also very articulate, they express themselves freely and tell me what’s on their mind. You do not want to get into a debate with a certain Ondrej for example

Most of them do have teen spirit and are non conformist, which I like about them. They don’t jump to judge.

They can be very imaginative. Hakan The Impaler of Christians is extremely funny when he talks about the bombs he builds at home.

As opposed to most of my colleagues, they are ebulient. They have a cheerfulness that is sorely lacking in most adult people I meet.

They are lionhearted, they don’t hide, they can be rather confrontational, but I prefer it that way.

It’s easy to engage with them, they are outgoing

In a way they are also valiant, because they still stand up for what they believe in.

I write about 5 awesome things a day and I get to teach 105 awesome students five days a week.

I just hope that their awesomeness won’t be stamped out by that concept I find very hard to define: adulthood.