1. The one thing men want more than sex, according to The Good Men Project

    This article on the Good Men Project claims that men want something more than sex.

    The short answer is…

    -drum roll or a flute or a jodeling quartet with tinfoil hats-

    a safe harbor.

    Men want to be locked inside a woman’s heartshaped box and feel safe.

    Is that truly the only thing we want more than sex? Do we even really want this more than sex?

    I kind of doubt it.

    First of all I don’t think we have the same hierarchy in our needs every day of our lives.

    To ‘bury’ myself in a woman and seeing her as my ‘safe harbor’ would require a level of intimacy and blending that I’m not up to every day.

    At this point of my life it’s not so much sex that I need from a woman, but for her to trigger something inside me that pushes me to the next level, something that fires me up. So far from looking for a safe harbor in a woman you could almost say I’m looking for a fruitful collision in a woman, someone who is not afraid to put a mirror in front of me, someone who’s not afraid to be known by me, but with an eye on the next stage of her development. Is that a safe harbor? Sounds too static to me. Maybe I’m not looking for any safe harbor, because my mother truly excelled at providing me with a safe harbor as a child. The safer you feel as a child the more you feel like stretching your wings later in life.

    It’s fashionable under male pseudo-intellectuals to claim they don’t find sex to be such a priority in life, but hey, there are actually things I value more than sex. Right now I’m a bit more -admittedly only a little bit more- fascinated by concepts like ‘social freedom’ and ‘automated income’, for example.

    As corny as it sounds, I like the conversational foreplay that precedes the physical foreplay better. Maybe even a lot better. I still need the sexual act, like the icing on the cake, but still, just the icing is not that tasty.

  2. Punk is freedom

    young-kurtI get a little annoyed with people who claim they want to start a novel, pick up painting, start drawing or pretend they are about to start their own YouTube channel. And when they don’t they claim to be perfectionists. Bullshit. They’re either scared or lazy or both. Just fucking start. Punk is freedom. That’s why these dudes in the picture still inspire me. Kirst Novoselic and Kurt Cobain after their first (?) live show. Did they rock that night? Probably not so much, but they fucking started performing. If you have started something creative without waiting for the perfect moment, I salute you. This punk is freedom attitude also explains the ‘featured image’ of this post, I’m not good at making this blog visually presentable, and the more I try the more I seem to fuck it up, so I went for total and utter minimalism.

  3. If you happen to get lodged in a writer’s heart, you live forever

    Just a quote I saw somewhere on internet. I hope it’s true. Would love it if future generations fall in love with characters based on the people I’m in love with. Like them so much I want to pass on how they make me feel.

  4. 500,000 views for the teaspoon trick

    This old piece was sitting on my blog, I threw it on Quora and there it has over half a milion views. Glad something I wrote gets exposure, but I really don’t understand how this viral stuff works, and as an ENTJ I hate not being able to spot a pattern and steer it in the direction I see fit…

    But hey, let’s focus on the bright side, half a million views for an old blog post, baby!

  5. Trying to put reins on my wanderlusting concentration span

    Today I was working on ‘The story of O&Z’ and my trick to focus was to put on headphones with a song on repeat for like half an hour or longer. Songs I used included ‘Here she comes now’ by Nirvana and several songs by Puddle of Mudd. I got quite a bit of writing done this way.