1. Friday is therapy day. As a therapist I am in therapy myself. I learn a lot about my ‘craft’ that way, and it helps me to function better. After contacting quite a few therapists in Bratislava I have finally found a good one. She is very professional, yet still warm. A hard balance to achieve. She reminds me a little bit of the main character’s supervisor in the series ‘In treatment’. Our sessions are in Slovak. I need to learn the psychology terminology so I can continue working with Slovak clients. And I get double value for my buck. A therapy session plus a private Slovak lesson

2. I went out with Manuel. Lots of fun as usual and somewhat therapeutic as well. He’s also our first guest on ‘Bratislava Live’, an interview show inspired by Brian Rose and London Real.

3. Summer is coming. The snow is finally melting! I love spring and summer, I hate winter.

4. A while back I started answering questions on Quora. As of today my answers have over 150,000 views. I always want more, more, more, which is one of the tendencies I talk about with my therapist, but still, 150,000 is not that bad.

5. Here in Bratislava not a week goes by without some offer to make some money on the side with an interpreting or translating job, coaching, private teaching or editing, and so far I’m not really doing anything to attract these offers.

So, these are my 5 awesome things for Friday. Don’t think everything is one big party over here, but there are some awesome things going on, I just don’t want the painful stuff to blind me to the awesome stuff.