YouTube fields where Poppy blows.

1. Students are like your hand on the pulse of today’s culture. Today I was introduced to Polly and her videos. Imagine a YouTube channel with a girl repeating she is Poppy a zillion times. Not interested? Her video has drawn over a million viewers so far. At first I thought this was some other kind of mindless time killing rubbish, but it turns out that the video has a creepy, yet beautiful appeal. I was told it’s part of some clever marketing scheme. She’s a singer apparently. Check it out for yourself.

Oh, and some say she’s part of the Illuminati conspiracy

 2. Someone explained me the basics of the Slovak tax system. Apparently you opt to donate two percent of what you owe the state to a cause of your choice. The teachers usually give it to their school.

3. You talk to students about video games and you talk to them about your experiences as a juror on a murder trial. To your pleasant surprise they seem more interested in the proceedings of a murder trial in Belgium than in the latest trends in the gaming industry.

4. If I a take a tram at 6.57 a modern tram arrives AND my connecting tram half an hour later is also a modern one. The old ones become something like rocking water bassins in winter. Passengers have lots of snow on their shoes and it melts in the trams. The water can’t get out and you get a pool of snow water. My bags are stained with salt, from getting wet in the crowded trams.

5. Tomorrow I have a holiday, so I can study psychology. In Slovakia teachers have a one day holiday right in the middle of the school year.