So, since I’m notoriously bad at appreciating the little things in life, I’m going to try and list 5 things that were actually nice today.

  1. I got deflowered. Or how do you call it when as a guy you get a flower for the first time in your life? Some of the students went around and gave each of their teachers a flower, because we’ve hit the half of the school year. The only flower I’d had given my teachers back in highschool would have been a ravenous meat eating flower.
  2. Zuzi put cute post-its in between the pages of my hand-outs. Students were charmed. So was I.
  3. A colleague helped me with administration. This is THE nicest thing you can do for me. I fucking hate bureaucratic bullshit.
  4. The students did well on their tests. And they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.
  5. Nobody bugged me for longer than 10 seconds.